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Principina a Mare

Principina a Mare is a seaside town, 15 kms away from Grosseto, most of all unlikely other vacation destinations in the area, it offers it offers a quiet and peaceful lifestyle even during high season.

Because of this, it is a very popular destination, especially for families in their summer holidays: it is the ideal place for those who love to walk under the shades of the ancient pine trees or move around with the bicycle, it is even possible to reach the close tows of Marina di Grosseto and Castiglione della Pescaia using the bike paths.

Special mention needs to be done to the sea, the wide sandy beaches that, thanks to the proximity to the Natural Park of Maremma have been awarded each year with the blu flag and 5 sails of legambiente price, given for their cleanliness and eco sustainability; recentlythey have also been awarded with the green flag for being suitable for children – price granted by a scientific team of pediatricians.

The beautiful beach has been known for years now as the perfect spot for windsurf and kite surf lovers, so that some renowned schools have established here, it has lately also been discovered by beach volley and beach tennis lovers, so that Principina has been chosen for one of the biggest beach volley tournaments in Europe.

Even being a small town, Principina offers everything necessary for a relaxing holiday, special areas for leisure, children playgrounds like one just underneath the pine trees, a small commercial center and from june to september small antique markets along the streets. Religious functions are celebrated regularly during the summer in the Santa Teresa church.

Principina a Mare is the ideal place for relaxing family holidays or for sport and nature lovers.

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